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Hello Panelo
Motivation Monday #1: The Revolution Will Be Streamed

Motivation Monday #1: The Revolution Will Be Streamed


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Every week I’m sharing my hand-picked links, learnings, and longreads to jumpstart your week.

Part newsletter, part mini-podcast, this email goody bag also includes: mixtapes, eclectic events, creativity/productivity/career hacks and apps, dope stuff for your desk, and a deck of the week.

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Mixtape: Black Lives Matter 

“The revolution will not be televised. The revolution will be live.”

— Gil Scott-Heron  

Links, Learnings, & Longreads

🔥 When the World’s On Fire, How Can Brands Step Up & Speak Out?

🎧 Childish Gambino’s “This is America” and the New Shape of Protest Music.

🗣 How Will You Use Your Voice? Are you a beacon, a curator, or a challenger?

Where You’ll Find Me 

👩🏻‍🏫 Mentoring every Friday in June for strtgst:

✍️ Writing #30DaysofGaysianCulture, a personal writing project kicked off during Asian American Heritage Month in May, and continuing into June Pride Month and spotlighting both LGBT and Asian American culture in books, film, theatre, poetry, and activism.

From 1992-1995, I attended a military school in Germany with jazz trombonist 🎺 Danny Kirkhum, whose father was the conductor of the school band (where I battled for first chair alto sax 🎷), and whose future wife, an accomplished pianist 🎹, I would meet decades later in NYC: Tereza Lee, the first DREAMer. ⁣
Young and undocumented — and on her family’s third home in search of safety (Korea, then Brazil, then Chicago) — Tereza's letter to her senators in the early 2000s ultimately inspired the DREAM Act. ⁣
She’s now a naturalized citizen, married, mom of two, music teacher in Manhattan. Her story closes the final chapter of the @pbs docuseries Asian Americans, a 150-year retrospective. ⁣
⁣Day 2 x #30DaysofGaysianCulture ⁣ ⁣
#asianamerican #asianamericanheritagemonth #asianampbs #asianculture #aapiheritagemonth #daca #DREAMact #dreamactnow #dacadreamers
May 13, 2020

✊🏽 Protesting-in-Place in Prospect Heights:

Creativity/Productivity Hacks

🧠 Building a Second Brain. Capturing, organizing, and sharing knowledge using digital notes. Game-changing system from @fortelabs.

📱 Notion. Another game-changer for writing, planning, collaboration, and organization. Somehow is just a more elegant solution than Evernote or Dropbox or any of my previous solutions.

✍️ Indexing as Creative Discovery. Writer Esmé Wang on how she cranked out her published works using an analogue index card system.

Eclectic Events  

Zeitgeist Culture Class: How to End Racism, Sexism, and Ageism in the Corporate World @ Wednesday 6/11. Hosted by Brad Grossman, with special guest Cindy Gallop. Pay As You Can.

LMHQ x Womxn Owning It: Inside Red Antler @ Thursday 6/11. An inside look at Brooklyn-based branding studio Red Antler. Free.

Nudgestock FestivalFriday 6/12. The world’s leading festival of behavioral science and creativity, live from London. Over 20K thought leaders, academics, branding experts, and behavioral science practitioners registered, whew! Hosted by Ogilvy Consulting UK. Free.

Dope Stuff for Your Desk 

Levenger 3x5 Index Card Sampler Set. Premium heavyweight card stock with Line, Grid, To-Do. Perfect for that pocket briefcase. 

Deck of the Week

✊🏽 Black Lives Matter Brand Actions. 75+ meaningful brand actions that support BLM, compiled by Lexie Pérez, Julian Cole, and others.

Drop me a reply if something here motivated you! Whatever you’re working on, keep crushing it.

Sharon Panelo is a digital brand strategist, career development coach, and founder of the consultancy Stories & Strategy, LLC. Connect with me on LinkedIn to learn more about consulting, coaching, or collaborating with me.

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